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An Enrolled Agent is authorized by the IRS to represent taxpayers before the IRS. As a trusted advisor, an Enrolled Agent is expected to demonstrate honesty, integrity and objectivity.

As a former tax auditor for a government agency, I have an insider’s understanding of effective tax compliance and tax representation. 

As a former corporate controller and CFO, I can advise on financial decisions from a holistic perspective to guide you and your business to success.

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As former tax auditors and tax attorneys for the State and the IRS, we are highly qualified to resolve tough, complex issues. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the IRS and the State departments, to get you the best, most effective results.


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Tax Services

Tax Representation

As a former tax auditor, we understand how to help you get back on track by expertly navigating IRS and State audit and collection issues.

Real Estate Tax

We are knowledgeable on the complexities and nuances of the tax laws and regulations for real estate investors, including cost segregation, real estate professional status and partnership taxation.

CFO Advisory

Our experience in corporate financial management, job costing, accounting and compliance can guide you and your business to beat the odds on surviving the first few years and be on track for long term success.

Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax laws can be unexpectedly complicated. With five years of government audit experience, we can guide you on the best ways to deal with compliance, audit and collection issues.



Frequently Asked Questions

United States Code Title 26, otherwise known as the Internal Revenue Code, is the codified set of federal tax laws. In 1862, the nation’s first income tax was enacted into law to raise revenue to help pay for Civil War expenses. U.S. tax laws began to be codified in 1874, compiled in 1939, and overhauled in 1954 and 1986. This code is the definitive source of all tax laws in the U.S. and it determines the rights and legal obligations that are recognized by the courts of justiceThese laws are administered by the Internal Revenue Service through Treasury Regulations and Revenue Rulings. 

Internal Revenue Code sections 7201 through 7217 codify the activities, both misdemeanors and felonies, that are illegal under the U.S. tax laws. The most common tax crime is tax evasion – failure to pay taxes, failure to report taxes, and failure to report taxes accurately.

Click here to view the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. This publication explains a taxpayer’s rights and the processes for audit, appeal, collection, and refunds.

Marginal tax rate is the highest tax rate at which your taxable income is subject to tax. For example, if you are single and your taxable income is $600,000 in 2023, your marginal tax rate is 37%. Not all of the taxable income is taxed at 37%; only the portion subject to the highest rate is taxed at 37%. 

Effective tax rate is your total tax divided by your total taxable income. In the same example, the effective tax rate is 29.53%. The effective tax rate is lower because the United States has a progressive tax structure.  The taxable income is segmented and each segment is taxed at different rates; higher income segments are taxed at progressively higher tax rates.

If you are filing a tax return, you may minimize your taxes through tax deductions and tax credits.

If you have not filed a tax return or paid tax due, you may be able to minimize your overall taxes and fees by engaging a tax professional experienced in tax representation matters such as an offer in compromise and partial payment installment agreement.


About Jinny Brooks, Former Tax Auditor

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Jinny Brooks

Enrolled Agent

Jinny Brooks brings 10 years of expertise as both a tax auditor and a tax practitioner, specializing in compliance, resolution, and real estate tax law. Her commitment to precision and excellence is evident in her successful navigation of intricate tax regulations and resolution scenarios. With a deep understanding of tax laws, Jinny is a trusted professional, offering comprehensive solutions in the dynamic fields of tax compliance and representation.


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