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Do You Need Help With An IRS Intent To Levy Notice?

If you received an IRS Letter 1058 or LT11, this letter informs you of a past due tax.  

You have 30 days to respond.  If you miss the deadline to respond, the IRS may file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien on, or issue a levy against, your personal and business assets, bank accounts, wages, social security benefits and refunds.  And the IRS does not actually need to file the lien to seize your property because the lien arises automatically.  A seriously delinquent tax debt may also prevent your passport from being issued or renewed or cause it to be revoked.

You have options.  The obvious one is to pay the tax due in full in 30 days.  Another option is an installment payment plan.  But you may also qualify for an offer in compromise or an uncollectible status or a first time penalty abatement, all of which permanently reduce your tax debt if you qualify.  You may also reduce your tax debt by requesting a hearing if your circumstances qualify. 

Strategies, tactics and professional tools are available to the knowledgeable and the skilled that may very well reduce your tax bill more than you thought possible, including possibly correcting IRS errors in your favor.  Contact us at to get your tax debt resolved.

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