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IRS Unveils $80 Billion Enhanced Taxpayer Services & Enforcement Plan

The IRS has unveiled its Strategic Operating Plan aimed at transforming the tax agency over the next decade. The plan’s main objectives include rebuilding and strengthening customer service, increasing its capacity to audit complex filings of high-income taxpayers and large corporations, and updating core operational systems to ensure robust security. The plan seeks to dramatically improve taxpayer services, quickly resolve taxpayer issues, focus enforcement on high-dollar noncompliance, deliver cutting-edge technology, and develop a diverse, skilled workforce.

The IRS will prioritize high-income individuals, complex partnerships, and large corporations while maintaining audit rates for small businesses and households earning less than $400,000. The agency will also provide improved phone services, more walk-in services, and new digital tools during the 2023 filing season. The plan envisions easier online access to tax accounts and enhancements to the Where’s My Refund? tool, among other service improvements.

The Strategic Operating Plan contains 42 initiatives with over 190 key projects and 200 milestones, with timeframes based on the year. These projects and milestones are expected to grow over time as the plan evolves to meet the nation’s tax administration needs. The IRS will work closely with the public, partners, and oversight groups to ensure the transformation aligns with taxpayer and national requirements.

A high-level roadmap of the plan is available on the IRS website.

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